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Drugs from the sea a primary goal of the harbor branch marine biomedical and biotechnology research program is to discover marine natural products with utility as medicines or as tools to allow us to better understand the molecular basis of disease natural products or secondary metabolites are small organic molecules produced by organisms several promising drugs from the sea that might be used to treat leukemia including one from a creature called bugula which clings to the bottoms of boats are involved in human trials the ocean is by far the major habitat on the planet its 70 percent of earths surface explains fenical its teeming with unique organismsmarine organisms have attracted much attention as potential sources for drugs over recent years this timely book covers the discovery development and production of drugs from marine bacteria fungi microalgae sponges and opisthobranch mollusks a recent highlight of marine natural product research described here is the development of a painkillthe algae eating indian sea hare dolabella auricularia is the source of dolastatin the basis for the drug auristatinstudies of this drug show benefits for the treatment of non small cell lung natural compounds derived from marine organisms exhibit a wide variety of biological activities over the last decades a great interest has been focused on the anti tumour role of sponges and algae that constitute the major source of these bioactive metabolites a substantial number of chemically different structures from different species have demonstrated inhibition of tumour growth and

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